Photon Lite

4.3 ( 823 ratings )
ユーティリティ 写真/ビデオ
開発者 AbhiG

Ever wondered how to put all your photo accounts together in one place! Photon Lite allows you to browse all your photos no matter what Gmail/Picasa account they are in, without having to log in and out of them individually. You can store your Picasa account information in this app (stored locally on your phone), and it will remember your credentials.

Once the accounts are added, it will fetch your photo albums for each of them and show you list of all your albums with their covers. You can now browse and explore your albums literally at the touch of your fingertips!

Here are various features supported:
* Store upto 3 Picasa accounts for free.
* Browse the list of albums for each of these accounts, easily identifiable by their album covers and names.
* Tap on any account header to fold or unfold it for easy access to albums.
* Quick look at how many photos you have in each album, listed with the album entry.
* Click on any album to browse all the photos in that album using their thumbnails.
* Play a slideshow of all the photos in the album by tapping the play button.
* Click on a thumbnail of any photo in an album to see a fullscreen view.
* Flip from the full screen view left or right to see adjacent photos in the album.
* Single tap on full screen view takes you back to album view (browsing all photos in that album).
* Double tap on full screen starts a slide show starting from that specific picture and rotating through all the pictures in the album.
* Tap any time while the slide show is playing to return to the album view (browsing all photos of that album).